Our Mission

The Carolinas Institute for Entrepreneurship was created to bridge the gap between traditional academic institutions and the real world of startups and innovation.

Our mission is to create wealth and financial security for our alumni by teaching entrepreneurs how to start and grow either a sustainable closely held company or a high-growth, high-tech investable venture.

Our goal is to be the leading entrepreneurship institution in North and South Carolina in 24 months with 1000 students, facilitating the creation of at least 200 start-ups in the first two years.

In addition, CIE is creating a platform to help small companies sustain operations through educational programs on an individual course basis.

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The Carolinas Institute for Entrepreneurship is based around actionable learning modules. Each Module, Course and lesson allows you to achieve a specific goal.  It’s been put together from not only academic sources, but also through the successes and failures of entrepreneurs around the world.

Each module is made up of 3 to 7 courses. Each course contains 5 to 35 lessons. Each lesson may contain a lecture, reading material and in some cases an assignment and take away. One should expect an entire course to take several days, and some may take weeks.

In addition to online learning, CIE believes in peer to peer mentorship and networking with in person Monthly and classes quarterly networking sessions to bring subject matter experts together.


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Learn from real entrepreneurs, MBA professors, venture capitalists and angel investors.

CIE’s distinctive faculty include experienced entrepreneurs, graduate business school faculty, angel investment fund managers and investors, venture capital fund investors, finance experts, lawyers, and consultants with Fortune 500 companies.

Their real-world business experience includes starting and operating life-style business, franchises, service businesses, professional firms, tech start-ups, manufacturing, corporate development and strategy consulting, and social entrepreneurship ventures.


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Community Partners

Learn from real entrepreneurs, MBA professors, venture capitalists and angel avestors.

The Carolinas Institute for Entrepreneurship is proud to present our community partners. Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. It takes hard work, dedication, capital, and a community of supporting partners to provide expertise, resources and most of all access to capital to early stage companies.

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Access To Capital


Access to capital is one of the most challenging parts of starting a company.  We connect investment ready businesses with Angel Investors and funding sources.

What’s Unique?

  • Entrepreneurs teach you what business schools can’t
  • Interactive tools help you start and run your business
  • Research tested materials
  • Coaches, professors, and advisors on your phone
  • Checklists and forms for planning and execution

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Learning Plans

Pitch Ready Program

$399.00 / 3 months
  • Access to pitch preparation courses
  • Access to pitch deck templates
  • Access to angel round tables

CIE Financial Model

$199.00 / 3 months
  • Access to financial model courses
  • Access to template Excel model
  • Access to starting capitalization model

Access to Capital

$997.00 / year
  • Access to all finance courses
  • Access to pitch events
  • Access to all round tables
  • Access to send your deal to 1500 angel investors

Full Access Membership

$7,500.00 / year
  • Access to all courses
  • Access to all events
  • Access to all round tables
  • Access to everything in all programs